Social Democrats of America

Committee of the Second Socialist International

We are starting a new organization and to get an idea of the interest, we are asking that every prospective Socialist agree to the socialist manifesto. If you are new to Socialism and the manifesto contains a lot of unkown historical references, we encourage you to visit the explainer page.

We are starting a national email list to engage in discourse accross the country about Social Democracy or Socialism in the 21st century. To join the mailing list, we are charging a "non autorenew" yearly subscription of $40 to help defray the cost of the infrastructure and verify the identity of the subscriber.

The listserve is computer assisted moderation and each email thread will be a single tread. Each time a new thread is started, the email will be shared to the entirety of the group, as well as the first reply; then a user will have to click on the email to subscribe to that discussion thread.

The email will be distributed geographically by zipcode, county or state. If a topic relate to the policies of one state, or one county, the email will not be shown to members in other states but would be able to join the conversation by visiting the website.